Abdelkarim Mohamed 
Born in 1983, EL-Minya, Egypt.

2014/2016: Master of Arts HES-SO in Fine Arts, program MAPS - Arts in Public Spheres Ecole cantonale d'art du Valais, Sierre, Switzerland.
2011/2012: HWP (Home Workspace Program), Ashkal Alwan, Beirut. Lebanon.
2000/2005: B.A. Faculty of art education, Helwan University, Egypt.

Upcoming Events
2017. November: performance at One Gee In Fog, Geneva, Switzerland. 
2018: February: Centrale fies, artists residency, Trento, Italy.
2018, March: Camargo Foundation Fellowship Spring 2018, Cassis, France. 
2018, October: Gleis70, The Gastatelier artists residency, Zurich, Switzerland.

2017:“Madrassa” curatorial research programme, Morocco.
2017: Pro-Helvetia Research Residency, Lausanne, Switzerland.
2017: Centrale fies, live works award residency, Trento, Italy 
2015: kunstpot göschenen، Göschenen, Switzerland.
2014: Residency program at [BarProject] Barcelona, Curated by Juan Canela,
2013/14: FUTURA – Centre For Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic.
2013: Unesco-aschberg bursaries for artists, Dar Al-Mamun, Marrakech, Morocco.
2012: TWS, Tokyo wonder site, Tokyo, Japan.
2011: Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Pro Helvetia, Switzerland.
2010: VASL International Artists' Residency, Karachi, Pakistan.
2010: Al Mahatta second international, Artists, Workshop, Ramallah, Palestine.
2009/10: workshop, ISP Independent study program, for critical writing, arts management, researches the townhouse gallery. Cairo.
2008: Salzburg summer academy, Salzburg, Austria.
2009/10/11/: Rooftop studios residency “the townhouse gallery” Cairo. Egypt.

2017: [Then I Run Away] at Medrar for contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2017: [A Gift to Those Who..] LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award Vol.5, 37°EDIZIONE DRODESERA. Italy.
2017: [Going Far Away], Khartoum contemporary art centre, Oslo, Norway. 
2017: [Epistles on Knowledge Engagement] Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria. 
2017: [Oh, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to scratch your face] Photo-Cairo 6, CIC, (Curated by Andrea Thal), Cairo, Egypt.
2017: [Isabel searches for Monad] Plattform17, Group exhibition at Kunsthaus Glarus, Zurich, Switzerland
2016: [Isabel searches for Monad] Guild Master of Cabaret der Künstler, Zunfthaus Voltaire Manifesta 11, Zurich, Switzerland 
2015: [The Journey of the Meteor to Meet his Beloved] at Tearoom, Sierre, Switzerland.
2015: [Christopher Columbus Meets Diego Diaz] Sharjah Art Gallery, AUC, Cairo, Egypt
2014: [Christopher Columbus Meets Diego Diaz] BAR project In collaboration with Àngels Barcelona.
2013: [The Rude Discourse] at TWS, Tokyo wonder site, Tokyo, Japan.

Awards & Grants:
2016: Prix Excellence HES-SO, Switzerland.
2015: AFAC production grant.
2013: UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists for artists.
2013: YATF, Young Arab Theatre Fund, production grant.
2012: Al-Mawred production grant.
2012: AFAC Express production grant.
2012: Ford Foundation, residency, travel grant.
2012: British Council, production “Grants to Artists’.
2011: Residency grant, “Pro-Helvetia ”Swiss Arts Council”
2009: Ford Foundation, residency, travel grant.
2008: ISP grant, Salzburg summer academy.
2007: Award Saloon 18th in video art, palace of art gallery, Cairo.

2016: Manifesta 11, Guild Master of Cabaret der Künstler, Zunfthaus Voltaire, Zurich, Switzerland
2016: Colombo Art Biennale, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2013: Biennale Jogja XII, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2013: Sharjah Biennial, Sharjah, UAE (curated by Yuko Hasegawa)
2011: 98 weeks bazaar at the Thessaloniki Biennale, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2011: VIDEOAKT International Video Biennale, Salt Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
2009: "International Biennale Cuenca" Ecuador.
2008: BJCM Biennial, Puglia, Italy.

Selected international festivals:
2017: Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria. 
2014: The 3rd edition of EcransMed festival, Montreal, Quebec
2009: 22 INSTANTS VIDEO Festival Marseille, Alexandria, Egypt.
2009: Slovakia film festival, middle east films, Bratislava, Slovakia.
2008: LiteSide Festival Amsterdam, Holland.
2008: The International Media Art Forum for Youth "IMAFY" Cairo, Egypt.

Selected group exhibitions and Events:
2017: Collective Çukurcuma "House of Wisdom" exhibition, Dzialdov, Berlin.
2017: New Normal Projects, curated by Hiba Farahat, Beirut, Lebanon. 
2017: Plattform 17, Group exhibition at Kunsthaus Glarus, Zurich, Switzerland.
2013: ISOE [In Search of Europe] Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin (curated by Daniela Swarowsky)
2012: “more out of curiosity than conviction” (Curated by Mia Jankowicz), Photo-Cairo 5, CIC, Cairo, Egypt
2012: “I’m not there” D-Caf Art Festival, (Curated by Mia Jankowicz) – CIC, Cairo, Egypt.
2012: Cairo Decoumenta, viennoise, Cairo, Egypt
2010: Cairo Decoumenta, viennoise, December, Cairo. Egypt.
2010: “A Survival Guide” group exhibition - Sharjah Gallery, AUC, Cairo, Egypt.
2010: 'Why not' group exhibition, art place, Opera house, Cairo.
2009/2010: (20 Images from the Middle East), Cairo, Solimannia. Iraq.
2009: "Volume 1", group exhibition, Kermit Ben Hanne, Cairo, Egypt.
2009: "Beyond the desert" group exhibition, (curated by Simon Njami), gallery Darb 1718, Cairo. Egypt.
2009: “Solus & Guests” Irish / Arabian ' avant-garde ' film tour 2009
2009: "Borer disorder" group exhibition, Gallery Depo, Istanbul, Turkey
2009: Fugitive Video Project at Harmony Landing USA.
2009: All art now 1st international video art festival in Syria.
2008: "Salzburg International summer academy of Fine Arts" Austria.
2008: 19th youth salon (video), Cairo, Egypt.
2005/2007: 18th youth salon (video), the palace of Art gallery, Cairo, Egypt.
2007: 1st 2nd video art festival, CIC, Cairo, Egypt.

2014: contribution [Sublimity of the desecrated building] PC5 photo Cairo [5] Catalogue, CIC, Cairo, Egypt.
2013: [in search of Europe] Publication (edited by Daniela Swarowsky).
2012: (a(version)s) release music CD produced Joe Namy, Beirut, Lebanon.
2012: Review photography project in issue Camera Austria International No. 118.
2011: “Fifteen Ways to Leave Badiou”, Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (ACAF)
2011: “ALHAGEZ” Book Co with Maria Ptqk, Radio de Accion (curated by Juan Canela).
2011: Revolution of the Mind, an essay at art Asia pacific issue 73 May/June.
2012: [Cairo’s Art Scene After the Revolution A Conversation with Filippo Marinetti] Essay published in The Beirut Journal for Radical Activation.

Talks & presentations:
2013: leading and organising, Video and Film Workshop, Medrar for Contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2013: leading and organising the group reading and writing as part of [Contemporaneous Praxis], Medrar for Contemporary Art, Cairo.
2011: Creative Photography lectures  “Conversations with Photographs“ CIC, Cairo, Egypt.
2010: Artist talk, Al Mahatta Gallery, Ramallah, Palestine.
2010: “the blog” lecture, Medrar for contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2010: Artist talk, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan.
2009: “I like the minute I hate the minute”, "Borer disorder", Gallery Depo, Istanbul, Turkey.
2009: Artist talk, Medrar for contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.

Teaching and workshops:
2017: “Tech-myth” One months video production workshop co-mentored with the Danish artist Anne Haaning, at Medrar for Contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2017: Performative-debate workshop, at CIC, Contemporary Image Collective Cairo, Egypt. 
2014 Sep: “Generator” Video workshop with the Swiss artist Christoph Oertli at Medrar for Contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2013: production video workshop, co-mentored with Egyptian Artist Shiref El Azama, at Medrar for Contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.