Mohamed Abdelkarim (El Minya, 1983).
Abdelkarim’s practice is performance-oriented. He considers performance as a research method and a practice through which he produces texts and images that embody the forms of poetry, scripts, sound, and video. Employing and reflecting on different performative acts like narrating, singing, dancing, detecting, and doing, his work is concerned with the performance of renegades in a time of crisis, complicating the relationship between geography and the fugitive. His performances have been included in Guild Master of Cabaret Voltaire Manifesta11, Zurich, 2016; Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, Bulgaria, 2016; Live Works Performance Act Award Vol.5, 37°EDIZIONE DRODESERA, Italy, 2017. As part of his performative practice, he established „tadbiqat“ - a performative project that brings together lectures, debates, readings, critical responses, and creative quests, alongside organizing performance nights under the title of "Live Praxes”. Abdelkarim currently lives and works in Cairo.


Born in 1983, EL-Minya, Egypt.

2014/2016: Master of Arts HES-SO in Fine Arts, program MAPS - Arts in Public Spheres Ecole cantonale d'art du Valais, Sierre, Switzerland.

2000/2005: B.A. Faculty of art education, Helwan University, Egypt.

2018: Gleis70, The Gastatelier artists residency, Zurich, Switzerland.
Camargo Foundation Fellowship Spring 2018, Cassis, France. 

2018: Centrale fies, artists residency, Trento, Italy.
2017:“Madrassa” curatorial research programme, Morocco.
2017: Pro-Helvetia Research Residency, Lausanne, Switzerland.
2017: Centrale fies, live works award residency, Trento, Italy 
2015: kunstpot göschenen، Göschenen, Switzerland.
2014: Residency program at [BarProject] Barcelona, Curated by Juan Canela,
2013/14: FUTURA – Centre For Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic.
2013: Unesco-aschberg bursaries for artists, Dar Al-Mamun, Marrakech, Morocco.
2012: TWS, Tokyo wonder site, Tokyo, Japan.
2011: Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, Pro Helvetia, Switzerland.
2010: VASL International Artists' Residency, Karachi, Pakistan.
2010: Al Mahatta second international, Artists, Workshop, Ramallah, Palestine.
2008: Salzburg summer academy, Salzburg, Austria.

2018: [When it comes to truth I wouldn't dare to tell it] The Institute of Things to Come, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy.
2017: [Count! How many renegades I still have?] a performance at One Gee In Fog, Geneva, Switzerland. 
2017: [Then I Run Away] at Medrar for contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2017: [A Gift to Those Who..] LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award Vol.5, 37°EDIZIONE DRODESERA. Italy.
2017: [Going Far Away], Khartoum contemporary art centre, Oslo, Norway. 
2017: [Epistles on Knowledge Engagement] Sofia Underground International Performance Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria. 
2017: [Oh, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to scratch your face] Photo-Cairo 6, CIC, (Curated by Andrea Thal), Cairo, Egypt.
2017: [Isabel searches for Monad] Plattform17, Group exhibition at Kunsthaus Glarus, Zurich, Switzerland
2016: [Isabel searches for Monad] Guild Master of Cabaret der Künstler, Zunfthaus Voltaire Manifesta 11, Zurich, Switzerland 
2015: [The Journey of the Meteor to Meet his Beloved] at Tearoom, Sierre, Switzerland.
2015: [Christopher Columbus Meets Diego Diaz] Sharjah Art Gallery, AUC, Cairo, Egypt
2014: [Christopher Columbus Meets Diego Diaz] BAR project In collaboration with Àngels Barcelona.
2013: [The Rude Discourse] at TWS, Tokyo wonder site, Tokyo, Japan.

Awards & Grants:
2016: Prix Excellence HES-SO, Switzerland.
2015: AFAC production grant.
2013: UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists for artists.
2013: YATF, Young Arab Theatre Fund, production grant.
2012: Al-Mawred production grant.
2012: AFAC Express production grant.
2012: Ford Foundation, residency, travel grant.
2012: British Council, production “Grants to Artists’.
2011: Residency grant, “Pro-Helvetia ”Swiss Arts Council”
2009: Ford Foundation, residency, travel grant.
2008: ISP grant, Salzburg summer academy.
2007: Award Saloon 18th in video art, palace of art gallery, Cairo.

2016: Manifesta 11, Guild Master of Cabaret der Künstler, Zunfthaus Voltaire, Zurich, Switzerland
2016: Colombo Art Biennale, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2013: Biennale Jogja XII, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2013: Sharjah Biennial, Sharjah, UAE (curated by Yuko Hasegawa)
2011: 98 weeks bazaar at the Thessaloniki Biennale, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2011: VIDEOAKT International Video Biennale, Salt Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
2009: "International Biennale Cuenca" Ecuador.
2008: BJCM Biennial, Puglia, Italy.

Selected international festivals:
2017: Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria. 
2014: The 3rd edition of EcransMed festival, Montreal, Quebec
2009: 22 INSTANTS VIDEO Festival Marseille, Alexandria, Egypt.
2009: Slovakia film festival, middle east films, Bratislava, Slovakia.
2008: LiteSide Festival Amsterdam, Holland.
2008: The International Media Art Forum for Youth "IMAFY" Cairo, Egypt.

Selected group exhibitions and Events:
2017: Collective Çukurcuma "House of Wisdom" exhibition, Dzialdov, Berlin.
2017: New Normal Projects, curated by Hiba Farahat, Beirut, Lebanon. 
2017: Plattform 17, Group exhibition at Kunsthaus Glarus, Zurich, Switzerland.
2013: ISOE [In Search of Europe] Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin (curated by Daniela Swarowsky)
2012: “more out of curiosity than conviction” (Curated by Mia Jankowicz), Photo-Cairo 5, CIC, Cairo, Egypt
2012: “I’m not there” D-Caf Art Festival, (Curated by Mia Jankowicz) – CIC, Cairo, Egypt.
2012: Cairo Decoumenta, viennoise, Cairo, Egypt
2010: Cairo Decoumenta, viennoise, December, Cairo. Egypt.
2010: “A Survival Guide” group exhibition - Sharjah Gallery, AUC, Cairo, Egypt.
2010: 'Why not' group exhibition, art place, Opera house, Cairo.
2009/2010: (20 Images from the Middle East), Cairo, Solimannia. Iraq.
2009: "Volume 1", group exhibition, Kermit Ben Hanne, Cairo, Egypt.
2009: "Beyond the desert" group exhibition, (curated by Simon Njami), gallery Darb 1718, Cairo. Egypt.
2009: “Solus & Guests” Irish / Arabian ' avant-garde ' film tour 2009
2009: "Borer disorder" group exhibition, Gallery Depo, Istanbul, Turkey
2009: Fugitive Video Project at Harmony Landing USA.
2009: All art now 1st international video art festival in Syria.
2008: "Salzburg International summer academy of Fine Arts" Austria.
2008: 19th youth salon (video), Cairo, Egypt.
2005/2007: 18th youth salon (video), the palace of Art gallery, Cairo, Egypt.
2007: 1st 2nd video art festival, CIC, Cairo, Egypt.

2014: contribution [Sublimity of the desecrated building] PC5 photo Cairo [5] Catalogue, CIC, Cairo, Egypt.
2013: [in search of Europe] Publication (edited by Daniela Swarowsky).
2012: (a(version)s) release music CD produced Joe Namy, Beirut, Lebanon.
2012: Review photography project in issue Camera Austria International No. 118.
2011: “Fifteen Ways to Leave Badiou”, Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (ACAF)
2011: “ALHAGEZ” Book Co with Maria Ptqk, Radio de Accion (curated by Juan Canela).
2011: Revolution of the Mind, an essay at art Asia pacific issue 73 May/June.
2012: [Cairo’s Art Scene After the Revolution A Conversation with Filippo Marinetti] Essay published in The Beirut Journal for Radical Activation.

Talks & presentations:
2013: leading and organising, Video and Film Workshop, Medrar for Contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2013: leading and organising the group reading and writing as part of [Contemporaneous Praxis], Medrar for Contemporary Art, Cairo.
2011: Creative Photography lectures  “Conversations with Photographs“ CIC, Cairo, Egypt.
2010: Artist talk, Al Mahatta Gallery, Ramallah, Palestine.
2010: “the blog” lecture, Medrar for contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2010: Artist talk, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan.
2009: “I like the minute I hate the minute”, "Borer disorder", Gallery Depo, Istanbul, Turkey.
2009: Artist talk, Medrar for contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.

Teaching and workshops:
2017: “Tech-myth” One months video production workshop co-mentored with the Danish artist Anne Haaning, at Medrar for Contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2017: Performative-debate workshop, at CIC, Contemporary Image Collective Cairo, Egypt. 
2014 Sep: “Generator” Video workshop with the Swiss artist Christoph Oertli at Medrar for Contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.
2013: production video workshop, co-mentored with Egyptian Artist Shiref El Azama, at Medrar for Contemporary art, Cairo, Egypt.