About the quest [Dramatic Episodes about Locomotion]

Is a performance/essay-based project, considers narrative as an essential tool, using narration from its theatrical foundation. The project probes the narrative patterns of myth, history and ideology, by employing a variety of aesthetic forms: from cinematic and documentary strategies to Audiovisual; from oral storytelling to religious rhetoric. Personal anecdotes are interwoven with historical events, where real and imagined protagonists, crystallising collective desires into fictitious personae. What emerges is a speculative historiography that relies as much on conspiracy theories, play and drama component convention, as on fact; where historical truth unfolds as an encounter between an event and its manifold mediation.  

Since 2014 I started a long-term project engages various subjects found within “the locomotion” and travel literature as a foundation for serendipity inspection through several currencies of the mobility action as “exile, forced migration, exclusion, diaspora, ostracism, and mercenary tourism, etc. 

Conceptually the project in a position of re-reading and re-examining the dilemma of [historical materialism Vs clash of civilisations] through different social phenomena such as religion, gender and nationalism, and how these relate to issues such as reconstructing identity, utilise stories from the medieval era as a paradigm to understand contemporary issues.
What are the renegades in our contemporary issues? How can we define the poetic gesture in the Apocalyptic era? How can we live the permanent crises? The questions are inspired by an urgency created in a world entangled in power, politics and crisis. 
In the aspect of form, the project depends on several notions as chaos, awkward order and disproportion rhythm, appropriates several mediums and forms as performance and moving an image, as well as the format brought to the fore by documentary theatre, essay, laboratory display and opera/hip-hop.

The performance published with the support of the Arab Fund for Culture and Arts AFAC