Christopher Columbus Meets Diego Diaz

Performance, 2014, 2015, 45 minutes 

The project’s stem from the notion of the terms [alienation and immigration] in geographical and historical context through North Africa [Morocco] and South of Europa [Spain] that established on Voltaire quote [Africa begins at the Pyrenees] that lead me to several questions about the political and cultural boundaries! Through the research, I’m dealing with narrative as a source of information, from the literature and history and the storytelling.

Recently several questions imposed on the dilemma of the identity, culture and its relation to the Western counterpart, at the same time there are new contemporary theses dealing with dismantling Culture, and the death of National treatises, which drives me to search geographically on two places that can reflect certain phases of historical and geographical relation, one of those places is the Republic of Salé: a short-lived state, founded by Moriscos, were subject to mass deportation during the Spanish Inquisition. The Republic's main commercial activities were piracy during its brief existence in the 17th century.

The starting point of the research is Voltaire’s quote [Africa begins at the Pyrenees] courage me to reexamine the Spanish works of literature that contain African and Arab gestures such as Juan Guitsolo and Frederic Garsia Lorca.