Episode #6

[A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Marvels of Renegades]

Is the episode number #6, the final episode from the series project [Dramatic episodes about Locomotion] 2014 - 2017

[A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Marvels of Renegades], I aim to crystallise the previous five episodes in this new episode "final episode", establishing a narrative archive from the selection of seven characters [Isabelle Eberhardt, Jan Janszoon, The Ghoul, Haroun Kanshour, The Carpet, Diego Diaz and Meteor] [see figure No 1]. Those seven characters floating between real figures are marginalised from the history: the history from below, fiction and almost fiction.

Those seven characters are a selection of a various of the different status of renegades has to do with "Queerness, Mercenaries, Myth, Forced Migration and Diaspora, to take the narrative through these various currencies of locomotion. There are props and tools I am going to use in the performance [see figure No 2] which play the role of the characters archive that consists of books, cartographies, poems, images, soundtracks and objects. The performance narrative moves between all these materials as a means of storytelling.