[introduction] Let the sea eat me: To perform a ferry

I pull my head as flesh to a subject

I could call it subject if it's a matter of life and death

Subject drives me to a durational aspect of research

I turn into corpse where an image has no end

An image turned into a corpse as an object where the flesh is able to extend...Grow

The sound as a physical wave could stop, but that depends if you believe in ascent

Space I can occupy with knowledge to prevent any other knowledge coming from the other shore...Defend

Defending an image not as a representation but as an image trying to be the subject but it's not...Pretend

Pretending all of those elements are not means of production, but tools embodying a subject...Overextend

Overextend the presentation: I used to work through consuming history as a paradigm to understand contemporary issues...such as Disaster

What I am trying to do in this chapter is to limit the tools I am going to use after 

Thinking of how I overcome certain disasters and I stop consuming history

I would be more aware of the historical context: Historicity

I would endeavour towards the main subject: Simplicity

The choice of language: I choose the dominant one [English] to prevent background and Ethnicity

The choice of text: I choose textual gestures to prevent vague discourse...Specificity

History is material you could shape, but like an "enzyme" what makes history is a story...Time factor

In the film Hiroshima Mon Amour, Lui says to Elle: you saw nothing at Hiroshima...Atomic reactor

Each time I give a lecture, I fail in my desire to say everything or what I think is everything, so to avoid being a speechy, I would like to throw everything without associations. I guess associations, time will bring

How to perform while I am not sure about my subject?

The space between being discursive and being vague is almost  like a thin thread

How to perform the subject, not in a rigid state but  keep it swinging

In this book, I jump between different stories with a rough cut.. blinking.

Blinking to get my gaze cleared, it might improve a reasonable discourse, but it might cause ambiguity...Risking

Risking with my historical character in a quest over a surface of meanings in hopes of reaching the other shore or not reaching ... Sinking

Sinking in the middle of the sea on purpose to drown and get the truth that is lying on the seabed...Suiciding

Suiciding as a gesture of being located between life and death, sea and land...different meanings of life...sacrificing

Sacrificing your body when others take away power from you except the power of your body...Dehumanizing

Dehumanizing...I don't feel like telling you "other," its consequences

In a moment I believe that the one who is standing giving a speech shouldn't lie, but it's better to not give away everything

So this book is full of stories and the story can be many things, if not all things: account, achievement, adventure ,alibi, allegory, anthropology, anecdote, apology, belief, case study, challenge, chat, confession, correspondence, creation, crisis, defamation, disagreement, discourse, discovery, discursive formation, dream, epic, episode, etymology, event, excuse, experience, fable, faction, failure, fantasy, fiction, finding, folly, function, future, gossip, happening, hearsay, hesitation, historiography, information, interpretation, invention, issue, joke, journey, justification, legend, lesson, lie, matter, metamorphosis, metaphor, model, myth, narrative, news, nightmare, novel, ontogeny, phylogeny, plot, poem, poesis, praise, prayer, prejudice, pretense, pretext, problem, project, promise, prophecy, protest, question, reason, reaction, recommendation, religion, report, research, ritual, rumour, scene, science, slander, statement, subject, tale, testimony, translation, travel, truth and corpse.